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At, we specialize in helping job seekers navigate the hiring process for entry-level positions. Our goal is to provide resources and guidance that can help you increase your chances of getting a job at the Post Office.

Our platform offers resources and guidance to help you prepare for the Post Office hiring process. We can help you prepare for the Post Office exam, interview, and job search process. The registration for the program requires a fee of $89.

Postal Job Preparation Program Benefits

* A nominal fee of $89 is required

Quick Reference Guide (the entire hiring process on one page)

Interactive Job Locator Tool (geographical map w/markers for job openings)Source: USPS

Step-by-step Instructions on each stage of the Hiring Process

Practice Tests for USPS Exams
Please note: These are not actual USPS exams but practice questions to help you prepare.

Interview Guide

Stay informed with timely job alertsSource: USPS

Personalized Customer Support (Phone & Chat)

Disclaimer: We want to be transparent about our services. While we offer resources and support to help you increase your chances of getting hired by the USPS, we cannot guarantee job placement.

Our program fee is $89. This fee covers access to our resources and support we provide.

Entry-Level Positions

These entry-level positions at the Post Office can pave the way to exceptional career advancements and act as the starting point for a lifelong professional journey.

  • Mail Carriers (City)
  • Mail Carriers (Rural)
  • Mail Processor
  • Mail Handlers
  • Window Clerks
  • Learn More

Get started on your path to a career at the Post Office with us.