Terms and Conditions

Equal Opportunity Employment

The USPS is committed to upholding equal opportunity employment principles and bases its hiring decisions on candidates’ performance throughout the postal hiring process.

PostalJobsOnline.com (Career Placement Resources Inc) Assistance

PostalJobsOnline.com (Career Placement Resources Inc) provides guidance, coaching, and real-time support to postal job seekers, aiding them in enhancing their performance at each stage.

No Employment Guarantee

Neither the USPS nor PostalJobsOnline.com (Career Placement Resources Inc) can guarantee job placement for any candidate or assure the availability of specific positions in certain areas at any given time. PostalJobsOnline.com (Career Placement Resources Inc) operates independently from the USPS.

Enhanced Performance

PostalJobsOnline.com (Career Placement Resources Inc) assists candidates in optimizing their performance in various stages of the process, increasing their chances of securing employment with the USPS.

High Success Rate

Historical data reveals that over 90% of candidates who enroll in our support program and successfully complete the postal assessment achieve a first-time pass.

Registration and Refund

Enrollment in our program necessitates a refundable deposit. This program is backed by a refund policy, with two conditions for refund eligibility:

  1. Refunds of registration fees are applicable if a candidate does not pass all four virtual assessments for entry-level positions.
  2. Refunds of registration fees are applicable if a candidate does not receive a job offer within 30 days after the interview process.

Comprehensive Assistance

Our all-encompassing program, comprising guidance, coaching, and real-time support, aims to expedite candidates’ hiring processes, enabling them to launch their postal careers promptly.

Refund Policy

For additional specifics, refer to the Refund Policy available on this site.


By securing your registration deposit using your debit or credit card, you confirm your comprehension of these Terms and Conditions and our Guaranteed Refund Policy.

Advanced Security Measures

We employ advanced fraud prevention and security technology, including 3DS with Visa and MasterCard Associations. This discourages clients from disputing transactions directly with their banks or card issuers and promotes interactive resolution between clients and our live support agents.

Contact Us

If you have inquiries or concerns, our live agents are accessible via phone or chat, offering assistance from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.