Payment Policy

This program is entirely optional, and we’re here to support you on your postal job journey. Applying for a postal job or taking the required virtual assessment incurs no cost or fee. The choice to prepare in advance rests with you.

It’s important to be aware that not passing a Virtual Assessment means waiting for a year before you can retake it. During this period, you won’t be eligible to apply for other job openings in the same category. This includes scenarios where the assessment isn’t completed within the stipulated time, resulting in a failure rating.

Moreover, if you pass an assessment but aspire to a higher score, a two-year wait is necessary before retaking it.

For a one-time registration fee of $89, you’ll gain immediate access to a comprehensive suite of online resources, expertly curated to assist you through every stage of the postal hiring process:

  • Detailed guidance on effective job searches, ensuring no opportunities go unnoticed
  • Instructions for completing your online application meticulously, making it thorough, precise, and compelling
  • Job Analysis for each entry-level position, outlining the sought-after attributes and qualities
  • Complete Simulated Practice Assessments, allowing you to familiarize yourself with assessment sections, encompassing sample questions and in-depth answers with explanations to position yourself as the “ideal candidate”
  • Interview Webinar, providing strategies for excelling in interviews and impactful discussion points
  • Live Customer Support via Phone and Chat to address queries and offer assistance (not provided by USPS)

Your registration fee encompasses all program components, granting you unlimited access to resources. In case you do not pass all four virtual assessments or do not receive a job offer within 30 days of your interview, a FULL REFUND of your registration fee is assured.